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Somewhat good, local officials more spare no effort. Many times through the instructions in the Qianlong Emperor Shen ordered local Yuji expand government functions, comprehensive « watch in farming Sangma » post, more than ever concerned about justice, social affairs field local officials, and gradually shift « taking economic construction as the center. » Qing domiciled hedge long-term implementation flow Officer system, which officials nationwide recurring liquidity also put relatively developed areas of nike lunarglide 4 sale development experience to the backward areas. « Thirteen years of Qianlong » tells many cases local officials had personal connections with the network of official resources, « investment », the introduction of new production projects to help local people get rich story. In addition to the direct project support, in financial terms, from the Yongzheng period began implementing the « fire consumed owned by the public » is also a place specifically set aside a certain portion of the construction funds, which gives the official advised farmers to provide a sufficient « ammunition. »

Larger handwriting appears in the circulation. Early Qianlong, the national grain reserve system made a major adjustment. Historically, the reserves policy objectives, this should be a relief to disaster victims, stabilize prices. The national rulers, you can also stability overrides everything, to avoid starving the rebellion, but this good intention but in the implementation process often been distorted. First, the ruler of the grain as a static asset, when relief without relief. Second, local protectionism grain circulation system causing obstruction. Government, the people, food vendors formed a logistics system, a part of any obstruction occurs, prices will lead to change. In the tight food situation, the grain  nike shox turbo 13 cheap merchants for profit maximization considerations will be « closed buy up », but this should be the scale of grain enterprises operating limits itself in the ancient very few can affect the national grain market merchant , and general local large grain merchants, grain adjacent areas would scruple to take advantage of Chamber No crowding local market share, and therefore will not be broken « closed buy up » in the end; but rather is based on local land tax and population as the only considerations which is bound by the ancient official view of achievements local officials, the most daring disregard market forces, resolutely « closed buy up » to ensure that the supply of the province, the expense of others, spared. These issues are troubled dynasties chronic problem.

Qianlong ready nudged the nail, the grain circulation system reform. Qianlong Dynasty grains reserves over thirty million stone, Yongzheng three times as much. When people say yes, once just before a major disaster relief by the governmentasics gel noosa tri 7 mens stepped in, a small village disaster is entirely mutual adjustment, there has never been « Every old relief fund things. » This of course is no small achievements, but « developed after question » has cropped up.

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