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« Qianlong ten years », the name at first glance quite some analogies Mr. Huang Renyu the « Wanli fifteen years » flavor. Have the courage to work so named for the author, either the market sense of smell, without fear hide fledgling « youth history  nike free run 3 womens shoes inventor », or is it really hard for years in this field, « Strength » deep but also to and from the ancient and modern Yasu between the upsurge of the waves by a senior scholar.

Mr. Gao Wangling latter. He has always been good by the ancient metaphor today, or should say so, read his books, there is always a room at different times through, relative to see two tire of reading pleasure. His reform for China, especially in rural reform policies from time to time a strong awareness of the problem always vivid and colorful, this is probably the eighties of last century witnessed its reform policy research and practice are not unrelated. In this new book, Mr. Gao microscope with history, from the economic, political, cultural nike free run 2 uk several dimensions, for the first ten years Qianlong made a cross-sectional analysis, to showcase a modern transformation of the old empire was an important try, and this attempt screeching halt, worsened so Gongbaichuicheng panorama. The reason for failure, not incompetent rulers. On the contrary, the emperor is holding some big ambition unrivaled in ancient and modern, and indeed make a difference, out of a new atmosphere. This makes it difficult for an individual Utilitarian criterion can only say that the system collapsed.

China’s transformation since the eighteenth century on the difficult process, generally have several typical view: First, the Western Center on the « Impact – Response » that China’s modernization is basically an accident of history, is a kind of external force reactive; two is the classic history of Marxism five stage theory, there with a kind of inevitability and regularity of the mean; Three is focused speak Chinese own particularity, as represented by Mr. Huang Zongzhi, emphasizing population pressure, man-land relationship pattern cause of labor  nike free 3.0 v4 sale relative to capital is always in a more advantageous position, and therefore the long-term in a « growth without development » or subsistence economy stagnated; fourth is in opposition to the three judge to Wang Guobin, Mr. Li Bochong to represent that since Ming Chinese traditional society has already given birth to many modern elements, and have achieved no way inferior to the same period of gradual transformation of some of Western achievements.

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