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We drove to Huairen golden sandy beaches, pleasant to the eye, but is a block then common enough crops. Falling house at the roadside in the village of a wall, painted with a Legend flags fluttering, helmet bright A bright wall paintings, techniques rough. Chatter with the villagers past history, the locals then we could hardly understand. Generally mean, here in the past is grassland Beach, filled with sand, after the renovation was to reproduce the green. This area is the ancient battlefield Song, do not leave, but if you want to find Yangs ruins, it was « had nothing nike flyknit cheap there! » Later scholars have pointed out, Ouyang Xiu’s research are not allowed. Furthermore, said Han Shi Jingtang words, food Han Lu, also left « worn iron Yan, » the inspirational phrase. It is said that when Jingtang imperial exam test is not repeated, but despite repeated testing. Someone asked him ridiculed « When the first? » Jingtang answer was: « Until my brush worn iron Yan far!. » Thus, even Jingtang is Shatuo tribe, but also « Speaking of the Shatuo tribe. » He gained imperial power and collusion for the Khitan betrayed Sixteen Prefectures, as is the number of forgotten ancestors, as is the traitorous acts!

Taizong to reign, as the North Han destroyed, lost this strategic buffer zone, the border between the two countries bordering the Song, Liao. Taizong in southern China has been unified dream to do « unification of the motherland, » one fell swoop recovered Sixteen Prefectures. Objectively, twice yan of the war, are Taizong initiative started it. First yan war banner of « unity » on the cover Shangqie  nike lunarglide 4 mens  plausible, the second is to take advantage of Liaoning Kagemune died young Steven Liao Xiao Empress when a woman towards the air current, to account for a cheap, it seems morally untenable. It is said that Empress Xiao Beijing to Taiwan will be fielded in the crack went the battlefield, denounced the murder of pro Taizong brother Taejo Kuangyin, and bullying Liao royal « widows and orphans, » the contemptible act against the common enemy soldiers sparked the Great Liao indignation Song oath and fight to the death!

Later on Taizong of human evaluation is very low, he was « candle shadow ax ‘Yes usurper brother suspected of murdering parents; his death sentence for the pro-nephew, abuse pro Sao chilling; comes to military level, Taizong Zhitaicaishu, far less than he brother Kuangyin. guarding the frontier. Yang Ye repeated setbacks Liaobing create feats, Taizong old will inevitably jealousy, criticism continued. Taizong to attack Young memorial to give back to the industry to show Yang Ye I trust, so that Yang industry feel grateful.However, Taizong and the relationship between the surface of the Yang industry looks « monarch and honest », but this trust is limited. First, Yang Ye led troops asics gel noosa tri 7 online basically no more than million people, military power is not high. Second, Taizong of Yang industry crafted a « containment-oriented team. » He knew Pamela and Yang industry from different factions, but let Pamela as coach, Yang industry as Fushuai. He also knows headstrong jealous Yang Ye Jianjun Wang, against Pamela, Pamela left him a heavier hand than the power and let him find fault with Yang Ye, ignoring the person calling the shots on overriding coach Pamela, and Pamela rival , eventually leading to the tragedy killed Yang industry.

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