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At this time of Empress Wu, has been the queen of the Tang Emperor, but this time the Tang Emperor in poor health, he had severe high blood pressure, dizziness attack them, so Wu began to help him deal with the State, and gradually mastered the core power. This time out Di Renjie officer, his fate and Wu Zetian naturally inseparable. It can be said Di Renjie in this life, is the best assistant Wu Zetian, is her only rival, it is Di Renjie, Empress Wu eventually brought back a big week and Datang. The relationship between the emperor in nike flex experience sale Chinese history is unique. Even more interesting is that Wu later years, Zionist plan is more than Tang Di Renjie one, but of future generations to evaluate this history, will deal in upon him. T GeZongLianHeng period is how is it? We look at geography, see terrain, Han Zhao Wei is today’s Henan, Shanxi, Hebei area, just at the time the center of the world. Han Zhao Wei, the so-called Shanxi, north side of Yan, the west has Qin, south of the state of Chu, the east Qi. In fact, from a geographical point of view, when these countries are more difficult to survive. So this time arises GeZongLianHeng, mainly in the Wei as the axis.

What GeZongLianHeng? North and south of the vertical, something is horizontal. Lien is any of a joint Qin Dong Fang Xiaoguo, break alliances in other countries, thus creating opportunities for the state of Qin. Because the state of Qin in the west, the other countries are in the east. ILink is what? ILink is the middle Han, Zhao, Wei, plus a Zhongshan, plus a north Yan, Yan Guo moment because not strong, these countries together, can deal with Qi east, the west can deal Qin the south can deal with Chu. GeZongLianHeng is actually a diplomatic nike roshe run uk  and political, has been flowing in the inferior. The first GeZongLianHeng the East Han, Zhao, WEI Jia Zhongshan, Yan five country together, ready to fight Qin. King of Qin, Shang Yang is to kill that person, at the time of these so-called Five vertical and said one sentence: both ends can not even chicken habitat. Say that these countries do not look at them, and they tied up with a rope like a bunch of chicken feet, perched on wood impossible jump up together. Dubious princes, would not in unison.

Qin Hui Wang has really seen through vertical and tricks. Five countries do not have such great wisdom. Joint work, love for, and all the crowd, as long as the joint, collaborative, you have to have tolerance, patience tolerance, which is a high virtue. Also, selfless. Five vertical and Why? For the maximum benefit. So what is the best interests of the five countries? Is to survive. However, the five countries of the monarch is no such mind and wisdom. Or that requires five monarchs have such love for the high-minded, do not do thenike free run 3 cheap black sheep, not ruin the overall situation of things, this is too difficult. Qin Hui Wang already seen this, gave them the nickname: « Five chickens », and is tied to the legs of the chicken, fly to go with. Results 318 BC This « five chickens » came, hit the Hangu Pass. Qin a troops, full of puppet, full of rubbish soldiers, the real strength to fight the two armies only Han Zhao, the result of course, is defeated.

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