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At this time of Empress Wu, has been the queen of the Tang Emperor, but this time the Tang Emperor in poor health, he had severe high blood pressure, dizziness attack them, so Wu began to help him deal with the State, and gradually mastered the core power. This time out Di Renjie officer, his […]

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Somewhat good, local officials more spare no effort. Many times through the instructions in the Qianlong Emperor Shen ordered local Yuji expand government functions, comprehensive « watch in farming Sangma » post, more than ever concerned about justice, social affairs field local officials, and gradually shift « taking economic construction as the center. » Qing domiciled hedge long-term implementation […]

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In this « containment type of team », the Yang industry rationalization proposals were not accepted, has become a victim of this system. From this point of re-Comment Yang Ye’s death, so that future generations can not help Yangtianzhangtan, a famous general Yang Liao industry what is dead in the hands, or perish in the Great Song […]

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« Qianlong ten years », the name at first glance quite some analogies Mr. Huang Renyu the « Wanli fifteen years » flavor. Have the courage to work so named for the author, either the market sense of smell, without fear hide fledgling « youth history  nike free run 3 womens shoes inventor », or is it really hard for years […]

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We drove to Huairen golden sandy beaches, pleasant to the eye, but is a block then common enough crops. Falling house at the roadside in the village of a wall, painted with a Legend flags fluttering, helmet bright A bright wall paintings, techniques rough. Chatter with the villagers past history, the locals then we could […]

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